I Love Pastor Mark Driscoll Aug24


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I Love Pastor Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark

My friends, I am weary.  I am weary to the point of wanting to walk away.  I am weary in my soul and in the back of my throat.  I am weary of holding my head up in silent solidarity with those fighting on the front lines.  


This morning, I cried my way through a video of Pastor Mark as he shared how sorry he was for his sin and told of how much he loves his family and church family, Mars Hill.  He told us that he would be stepping away from the church completely for a minimum of six weeks.  I fought back the feelings of abandonment and hopelessness that tried to overtake me.  Lord, where are you?  Are you asleep below deck?  I hope and pray that You are.


Before the video began, I saw a former member of the church walk in, watch the video, and leave.  I don’t know why they did this, but it made me shake with anger.  Another vulture, come to feast on the latest piece of salacity oozing out of our church?  Another opportunity to sit in judgement of those that still remain?  A front row seat to see us cry over the power and destruction of sin.


My husband and I came to Mars Hill Church five years ago.  We made it our home because we knew we were in trouble and we needed a strong word from God.  We needed a straight-forward, stern and accountable word from God.  I listened to Pastor Mark’s recorded sermons on my iPod during work outs and walks with the dog.  I developed a thirst for more knowledge and wisdom from the Word, taught in a way that resonated with me as a person.


You see, I identified with Pastor Mark from the first time I heard him preach.  I thought, this is a person like me.  The allegations and stories that have screamed for our attention online these past few months, they grieve me, they do.  I do not believe everything I read but I am sure that some of them are true.  I know this because they are true in me too.


I am someone that is quick to anger.  Patience does not come naturally to me.  I am a pharisee, focusing on work and results.  I am quick to make a judgment.  I am quick to walk away from someone.  These things I know about myself.  And I was powerless to defeat these sins until I was saved by Jesus.  Jesus has bought me out of my slavery to sin and dressed me in white, righteous robes.  He has done miracles in my heart and changed how I see the world and respond to it.  God has filled my heart with His true love and enabled me to extend it to others in a power that is not my own.


Our God has done – and continues to do – this same thing in Pastor Mark’s heart.  He is a blood-bought, adopted child of the living God.  Just like David.  Just like Paul.  Just like Peter.  These men’s sins were grievous.  But God LOVED them.  He helped them.  He changed them.  He empowered them.


Affirming these things in my heart only spurs me on to stand with my pastor and my church.  I still feel anger towards the hoards that come against us, but the Lord calms me and tells me that this is His battle, He is in control, and that I am called to love Him and love others as myself.  So in His strength, that is what I will do.